#LifeIsNotAHighlightReel may seem like a long hashtag, but I think in the current climate of things going on in my world, and the world around me; is very relevant! In today’s day age of social media news and posting we seem to allow to be over-sensationalized by the highlight reels of someone’s or some groups experience. When 9 out of 10 times we don’t know the context behind why they shared their post. There have been a lot of times in my life that I have shared an “attractive post” to get boosted up about the positive things going on in my world. In Western and even Modern culture people don’t always share their journey, but instead share the good things that happen to me to make them feel good about themselves. I know part of the reason started my blog was to simply showcase my journey on how I feel about the current ups and downs, to inspire someone else to push through the ups and downs. I don’t want to negate how the younger generation may feel and even how smart they may be, but they have a different life experience than I do. Their experience has had heavy technology in most of their growing up years. Whereas, my generation grew up under a new wave of technology, it did not consume our lives or the lives of people around us. The beauty I see in my generation is we can relate a bit easier to the technology generation than can older generations. We have a more balanced perspective of what life is like with technology and without. At the end of the day when we let technology be our main method of communication without attempting to hear another person’s perspective, past our personal perspective, we lose sight of being a better society.

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