Christmas Traditions

Just now I was watching the Christmas Episode on the First Season of “Living Single.” It was hilarious, touching and the appropriate reminders of what the Christmas holiday is all about. For the past three Christmases with the exception of 2017’s I truly struggled with enjoying Christmas. That is because the traditions I grew up having of Christmas dinner with family had ended. They ended because my relatives that I grew up with celebrating them with had passed. It was really hard to work up any genuine holiday cheer. This year however, my mom and I started a new tradition. She had purchased a box of hand warmers and said we can wrap them up and give them out to some of the homeless people near our church. So we wrapped them up at home and prepared to deliver them after church service. Well when we left the service, there weren’t many people in the normal spot they have been so I suggested we just pass them out to anyone we may see. It was real fun because I got to introduce her to how I navigate driving like an Uber/Lyft driver trying to get customers. I will ride up one street and then back down the other side. Normally, I have to drive up a one-way street and back down another one-way.   We were successful in passing out all the hand warmers that we wrapped. One of the most refreshing things was people’s gratitude. Even if they weren’t in need of shelter, their hands would most likely be in need of shelter, their hands would most likely be in need of warmth. I also was glad that we added a special sweet treat of a candy cane on top. As I quoted most of the experience “Nothing says Merry Christmas like gym socks.” In this case it should have been “Nothing says Merry Christmas like hand warmers and candy canes!”

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