Stay Young at Heart and Focused

Happy 32nd trip around the Sun, Jeffrey! Well maybe its my 31st, I don’t know, but I do know as of 4:14am I officially turned 32 years young. A little while ago I got off the phone with my brother who turned 32 two months before me. He gave me some great advice, that I try to live by inherently: stay young at heart.

Today, I got back on FB and IG, mainly because of my mom who is celebrating her Momaversary. Around 12:20 this morning she texted and then called me to insist that I hop on FB for the day, to see and show appreciation for the birthday wishes.

I had been going back and forward in my head and out loud for a couple of weeks about this decision because I didn’t want to get distracted by social media, end up going down a rabbit hole and miss enjoying what I wanted to do on my day. I have so far been able to stay focused and chill throughout the day about the birthday wishes and love I have received.

Updated Edit: The featured image is a reminder of staying young as in play games regularly and don’t take life SO SERIOUS, you can’t enjoy it. Also, be focused like Mario and save the princess aka your dreams by collecting all the mushrooms aka setting and achieving milestone goals.

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