History is being ReWritten

I had an interesting dream last night. I was at my home church, for Sunday morning service and it was at the end of service when some announcements were being made. The weird part were they were coming from a former prominent leader who no longer serves in that role anymore. While he was giving the updates he turned into someone else who is much younger than him who continued to give announcements. During one particular announcement the n

ow retired leader spoke out of turn twice to add perspective and opinion to the matter and was not asked to stop and not interrupt the speaker. It was clear that this upset the speaker at the moment. Once the former leader finished, the speaker continued talking and then I raised my hand. I was sitting over the right shoulder of the former leader. The speaker said that we need to hold all questions or comments until the end. This did not sit well with me and I blew up saying “this is bull; yall never let anyone my age speak or be heard or listened to; you have to be 60, 90, or 300, or a thousand just to get respect around here.” I was saying all of this as I was leaving, while walking backwards so I made sure I was heard. As I was going to our main hall area, the church was letting out and people were walking out with me. No one said anything to me or about me as I was leaving. Typically people would express their opinion to me whether they agreed or didn’t agree. When I got to the main hall both my mom and sister came in shortly after and didn’t say anything about my outburst.

I don’t know what any of this dream means, but I definitely would like to find someone to help me interpret it. The only thing I can gather from it to have a meaning is that I miss my home church and need to visit to get recalibrated spiritually.

Challenge: Write down dreams that scare or excite you. They may be trying to tell you something special.

Update from Originally Scheduled Post:

History is changing EVERYWHERE!!!

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