Individuate (verb): 1) to give individuality to 2) to form into a distinct entity

I just learned about this word from the Season 2 finale of “She’s Gotta Have It.” While it was being used and making reference to the lead character, I felt it latch onto my spirit in how I am growing in life right now. Most of my life I have always felt like an outsider and I think it is because I have always been destined to individuate. I am becoming an extremely distinct entity that I have always felt me becoming but never knew how or when it would happen. According to one of the recent books I read, the how and when are not supposed to be for me to know or worry about. I only need to be concerned with trusting that all the steps I am taking and the work I am doing while taking these steps are leading me to my true purpose in life. Now that this concept has been brought to my attention, I do plan on doing some more reading on it to understand it more. From a brief Google search, I see that Carl Jung has a lot of thought and published works on the matter. I plan to include his works into my upcoming reading log.


Challenge: When you are introduced to a new concept or idea that speaks to you, do research on it and apply those principles to your journey.

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