Spiritual Alignment

100% transparency, I am spiritually unaligned. I have been for quite some time. Last week in one of my acting classes I learned a technique to help me become aligned in my physical energy. I have been doing my best to put this tool to use in my daily life since then. I can definitely feel a change in my mood since working on my alignment. It is something I am also going to work on becoming more conscious of as well.

Sunday, however I realized I am not aligned spiritually.  I have been trying to find a place to call home in regards to church. Last year, I was going to a church rather regularly and was feeling like I was getting engaged. Then something happened in the summer and I just didn’t put too much energy or effort into going anymore. Although I did not go for a long time, I was longing to be back or at least have someone reach out to me to check on me. I never heard from anyone. At the top of the year I went back and tried again.  It somehow felt different, no matter how much I tried to make it feel the same. I think I compared it to the hopes I had from some experiences there that were different from my home church.

After I couldn’t bring myself to try going there any more, I started going to a church in walking distance from my house. My first visit I enjoyed the message which made me return again. The next Sunday the message was good and a lady there with a warm sprit said she hoped to see me the next Sunday. I went back and saw her again. She saw me again and invited me back to join for their Chat and Chew. I was getting accustomed to the easy access of the church, but the whole worship service was not keeping my attention. I found myself more engaged on my phone than in the service. I also pushed myself to the back of the congregation instead of the front. Then Palm and Easter Sundays came and I went to Howard Chapel Services. After that I didn’t have the same energy to go back. This Sunday I went and didn’t stay long enough to get the morning message.

I think this is a sign that I need to do some individual spiritual work before I go back in the Lord’s house just to truly work on me and feel aligned again.


Challenge: When you find yourself out of place, do some self-work to figure out why you feel out of place.

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