Protect Your Energy

My body is talking to me today. It is telling me holding on to negative feelings and thoughts is unhealthy. The negative feelings that have festered up in me this week are jealousy and resentment. The jealousy stems more from insecurities of a choice I made and the environment I grew up in. The choice to not pursue my dreams when I should have is the deeper issue of where the jealousy comes from. Also, not being in a program that truly fostered my strong like for acting while in high school is another place where my jealousy comes from.

I should not have a resentful feeling right now. I know that as of the last two years, I have not been able to truly see eye to eye with someone. The energy and space they occupy in my life is what has caused me to resent them, because the vibe is toxic and negative.


QOTD: How do your clear your bubble of negative energy so it doesn’t affect your body?

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