New York Trip #1 in 2019

So I probably look silly sitting at a bar in NYC, on Broadway, writing in my journal. I don’t care though because I have just been inspired by my experiences today in the Big Apple. When I initially bought my bus ticket, all I knew I wanted to do was come see Choir Boy on Broadway. I kind of wanted to go to an class, but because I came on a Thursday, instead of weekend, no daytime classes were available. Lesson learned! I stared trying to figure out some other stuff I could do while waiting for the show to start at 8pm. I arrived at 6am and had made the plan to go to the Today Show on NBC at the Rockefeller Center, I thought about the Christmas tree from the Home Alone 2: Lost in New York movie, I decided to go check it out. Good thing it wasn’t but a hop, skip, and step away from the Today Show, literally right across the street. I RSVP’d yesterday and checked in when I arrived and made a sign to be seen on TV. My mom, aunt, and godmother all saw me on there. Once the show was over I went to Panera to warm up, get breakfast and charge my phone. I honestly did not know what I was going to do next. I decided to go to a spa to get some relaxation in, and I did. While at Panera I bought my ticket to the show.

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