Today, I was reading a chapter from T. D. Jakes’ book ‘Instincts’ called Instincts to Increase. In the chapter he started talking about the differences in animals caged in at a zoo or animals that have always lived in the wild. Those who have been caged in would truly struggle outside the cage because they are accustomed to having someone always providing their needs. Even though they have the instincts of the wild deep within, they would not be able to hone in on them if they were thrown into the wild right away.

This really got me thinking of my recent experiences of living “outside the cage” and not having certain predictability about life. While the experience was extremely challenging, I am proud of myself for having taken the initiative to try and find my own path. It worked out pretty well and I wouldn’t want to change any of my experience. At least I know what to do and not do when I step outside the box/cage again. Also, reading this section made me think of the movie ‘Madagascar.’ Recently, I was talking to someone about it and it made me realize I didn’t understand it all the way the first time around. I went and searched for it on Netflix. The original movie wasn’t accessible, but the sequel was and I watched it. The movie was like watching that chapter play out on the big screen.

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