Discovering my Value

Not sure what to write about any more. I have had so many experiences this year that I wanted to end faster than they started. Some of my year has been good experiences and some not so great. One thing I can truly say I have learned this year is my value. Finding out my worth to myself and discovering my worth to others has truly put things into perspective for me.

A conversation I had this year with an Uber passenger and her father might be etched in my brain for a long time. We talked about the differences in his generation and our generation, when it comes to our work ethics. What I drew from this conversation the most was that my generation has been exposed to so many different experiences and we were always made to feel or believe we were special. That comes from his generation making us believe it. I have fallen off my work ethic because I have not made to feel special lately. There has only been one time when I turned down any recognition for my hard work. That was when I was working at Papa John’s. What I also just realized is that I am not supposed to feel special. I am supposed to serve until the mission is completed.

Today, I am taking a day to reflect on things going on in my life. I also need to accomplish a few tasks today. I need to clean up, mainly my brain and my soul.

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