Social Media Is Exhausting

I just woke up from a nap. Turned to Instagram, as I frequently do. Started scrolling and came across a page that shared an update of a police officer who killed a black male, that made headlines. The post had been reposted by several different celebrities. Once I got to the page of the original post, I saw that this person regularly posts videos and images of injustices happening in America to black people. As I kept watching, I was becoming exhausted more and more with each post. The post that broke the camel’s back was an officer asking for a black woman’s ID. As she was pulling it out he began to handcuff her. Witnesses were trying to help her out by saying she can’t give you her ID if she cant access her bag with both hands. Somewhere in the process emotions got high and he began to get aggressive with her, hurting her arm. I know I have no clue what happened before the camera started rolling. It should not matter what happened before the camera started rolling. If this country’s law enforcement and lawmakers truly upheld the law and treated all citizens and human beings on this land as equals, we would be on a better playing field.

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