You Get One Day: Personal Reflection

It is truly amazing to me how God works. On the day I decided to take a rest day, I watch the episode entitled “You Get One Day” on GIANTS. I am realizing how important it is to take one day out of the week other than Sunday to take a break. This week I have been struggling with sleeping. Someone suggested that it is because something is on my mind. That could be very true, but what that something is, I am not sure of just yet. In watching this episode again today, I got four solid messages that on today I truly needed to hear.

The first was, God still loves you, even when you don’t love him. A lot of times when we haven’t been obedient to God and we then experience a storm, it feels like God has let us. That is actually the opposite. God is truly waiting on us to come to him and be at peace with him in the storm. There is no need for us to try to fight the storm or go against it, we will only tire out more from all of that. Therefore, we must trust that our obedience to God will either prevent the storm or allow it to pass over faster and maybe even smoother. Although sometimes neither of those may be the option for that moment in time.

The next message I got was to truly take advantage of the “one day” and how necessary it becomes. I don’t know how much this applies to non-artists/creative people, but I definitely believe it is highly necessary for us. We have to take the time to re-center our energies, souls, mind, and body. If we are constantly on the got to get the next paycheck or chase the next big opportunity, we will always be running behind something. I believe that the “one day” allows us to fuel back up to go after what is out there for us.

The third message from this episode was “you gotta open up when opportunity knocks.” Thinking about a lot of experiences. I have had in my lifetime when someone offered to work with me or to give me a chance at something and I turned it down. I feel foolish as I reflect over some of those offers. The biggest one that always plays out loud in my head was the opportunity to go to a call back for a role in a student film. At the time I didn’t understand the importance and significance in being offered a call back. I don’t know what would have come of that experience, but I doubt if I had taken advantage of it, would I be journaling right now.

The last message, which is one I needed to hear and believe all my life is that “I am enough.” A lot of times in my life, I have felt smaller than a lot of people can circumstances. I haven’t felt good enough or worthy enough to occupy a space or position. What I didn’t realize in feeling this way I was not opening up when opportunity knocked. So from now on when I take my “one-day” I am working to realize, appreciate, embrace, and celebrate my enoughness.

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