I am embracing being in 2018 now that we have gotten past the first day. I am taking strides towards achieving my goals for the year. From the last day of the “Getting In Gear For the New Year” challenge. Bonnie talked about her word for the year of 2018. Last, year I didn’t really have a word, but a mindset. This year, I have a word for the year and it coincides with my t-shirt line and what I plan to do a lot of this year. My word for 2018 is READ.

Last, year I set a goal to read at least 12 books and plays for the year. I barely squeaked that goal out because I didn’t finish the last play I was reading 100% until the first day of the New Year, in the morning. I am counting it for 2017 only because I started it in 2017. Two years ago I attempted a reading challenge “#52booksover52weeks.” I didn’t make it to see book #52. I think I only got to like 8 books in total. Hence why last year I challenged myself to make it to 12 books, representative of every month. This year I am challenging myself, but with a different purpose. I am challenging myself to need more book with no set goal. The challenge is that for each book I read, I will have a sale for 3 days or free shipping for my READ t-shirts. This way whenever I finish reading a book, anyone who purchases a book in the 3-day window after I read the previous book will get to advantage of the deal. I am doing this for a reason that I am not ready to reveal, but I hope that I am able to follow through on it all the way to December 31, 2018.

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