Uber in DC!!!

What a day this has already turned out to be. Yesterday, I did extremely well with driving Uber in DC. I took two breaks to go eat and one of those included a restroom trip. The last food break I went to Subway and got a half Sub of the day, with my gift card. I went home and ate it along with some popcorn. While eating the popcorn, I was watching the movie “She’s Gotta Have It” (after watching the new TV series.) I dozed off and had a great refreshing nap. When I woke up, I got myself together and went back out to Uber some more. Well let’s just say that God has a STRONG message waiting for me, while I was trying to hustle some more. I went to pick up a trip of a family going to return home from the Thanksgiving holiday. As I was approaching their destination another trip was coming in to be requested. I began helping them unload when the youngest member of the family got SICK. Let’s just say I am proud of myself for keeping my cool with them. The other trip that came in I had to turn down because of the severity of the sickness. I worked my brain extremely hard to figure out how to best handle a situation like this. The first thing that came to my mind was a hotel. I immediately went to one I stayed in earlier this year with my mom. The lady at the front desk understood the situation and was ever so glad to help. It was a huge relief that she had previously worked in housekeeping, so she knew all the necessary materials I would need to clean up the mess. After I completed the deepest cleaning do, I thanked her for all of her assistance and told her I would write a thank you note for her and another staffer who helped me. Next, was finding a 24/7 pharmacy and thanks to Google I went to my second CVS in less than 24 hours. I got some Lysol and sprayed down all of the backseat down, two times. On my way to CVS I called Uber to ensure that they received the message I sent about the mess. The lady was extremely helpful and sent my message over to the appropriate people. She told me that I would receive a message within 24 hours. Little did she know I would receive a message in less than 15 minutes. That message was a sign of how I needed to proceed with the remainder of my week. I need to move and do things purposefully and with a gracious attitude. God was also giving me time to handle some things I was not making time for because I had been so focused on driving that I did not handle all of my business. Well I know now that this was a sign to slow down and breathe to better take care of me mentally, physically, emotionally, and to stop celebrating victories, but to celebrate him for allowing me to have the victory. This is a lesson I am going to work my hardest to remember.

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