Exponential Growth

Sometimes when you are in the middle of a storm, you are growing exponentially and don’t even realize it. Sometimes we are placing ourselves in a storm out of fear of facing what we fear could be a major storm. This past month and a half I have been nearly drowning financially, but I have been able to doggie paddle and come up for air more than I was expecting. God has truly blessed me to be where I am and not so much in the financial realm, but more so in the spiritual and mental space. I have been able to be at ease about my current struggles. I have resorted to making efforts to make money in a variety of ways. I had a conversation with God on the way back home as far as what do I need to do in order to not continuously struggle, the way I am. Even though I am never always sure of what God is saying back to me. I like to believe that he is saying I will take care of you.

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