June 28, 2017

I have been blessed to still enjoy the journey I am on to figuring out my true purpose in life. Part of what I originally intended to do in 2016 was have a slow unveil process to the release of my blog. I didn’t know then that God had other plans. I can officially say that my blog was started then, but it wasn’t what I wanted it to be exactly. Even now it isn’t exactly what I want, but it obviously is not meant to be what I want, but what God needs it to be. Originally I was going to have all these great content posts coming out on a regular basis. However, I had not built up the muscle and the discipline for that yet. Not to say I am ready to have daily posts, but I do have a desire to have posts come out more often that they were before at once a week. Honestly, I have to remember it isn’t always about the size of the audience, but the impact the work leaves behind on the audience. While I have always wanted things to be bigger and on a more elaborate and grand scale, that isn’t how things have turned out. Another thing that hasn’t taken off yet is the selling of t-shirts and other merchandise via Teespring. When I was originally working on getting my logo for my blog, I wanted it to be something that other people would wear in support of me. On the first round of orders with t-shirts I did reach my goal of 10 orders. I didn’t take the necessary steps to follow up with marketing and promotion. As a new venture there is a lot of room for growth to truly put more effort into it. I need to stop treating things like they are impossible tasks and break them down to manageable and possible tasks.

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