June 21, 2017

All my life I have technically been a hyphenate. In most cases everyone is a hyphenate to some degree. When it comes to the industry of entertainment however there is a central focus on being a hyphenate as a celebrity/performer. There are so many different hats one could wear. I choose to wear the hats of an actor, host/MC, blogger right now. Down the line I would like to wear other hats such as writer/author, producer, director, singer, songwriter and maybe more. However, I am letting God continue to give me the fabric for the hats he wants me to wear at any given moment.

Last, week at the American Black Film Festival (ABFF), I was there to wear one hat in particular. That was to serve as a Line Ambassador/Ticket Taker. I served in that role most of the time. I also became part of a few of the other teams by being in the right place at the right time. I helped out on some days with aspects of Logistics and Production. Having been a Line Ambassador, we were expected to know a lot of information of things that were going on at the festival. On the last two full days of the festival I was getting a lot of people asking me questions, even when I wasn’t on duty. Even if I did not have my ABFF Staff shirt on, the people remembered my face and asked me questions. I was just glad whenever this happened that I did know the answers to the questions and was able to help them with a smile on my face!

When I was initially looking into going to ABFF, I did not know that Tasha Smith was going to be teaching a class. When I found out, I was full of joy because taking a class with her and attending ABFF 2017 were two of my top 5 goals of the year. I knew it was meant for me to go this year. One way or another broke, barely making it, rich, or wealthy I was going to do both of these things. Taking the class with Tasha affirmed something I did not know needed to be affirmed. She said, “Acting is a calling and that is because it is a worship experience!” This made a connection between my #WorshipWednesday experience and all my years of Acting. It made me realize I am on the path to doing exactly what it is God requires of me. When you get that feeling that you are on your path of your purpose it is overwhelming in a good way emotionally. I was so happy to praise God for that experience.

The next big moment that I realized God was involved in my ABFF experience was when I attended the New Faces panel. This featured lead actors and actresses from some of the hit black TV shows that have come out in the last 2-3 years. The panel was moderated by Dondre Whitfield correction Minister Dondre Whitfield. I say that because he was making so many spiritual connections to what the panelists were saying. It was once again affirming how much I am on the right road to #MtgMyDestiny.

Although I did not network with a lot of people, I do believe that I did network with the right people. I am learning more and more each day how life is not about the numbers but about the relationship with we build with the people we do connect with. I also have learned between the ABFF experience and me turning 30 that the world does not revolve around me, no matter how much I may want it to.

While I am enjoying the age of 30, I plan to live life with more confidence in making decisions. I don’t want to always have to get another opinion, but be able to trust between God and I that the right decision would be made.

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