January 27, 2017

As I sit and think what I dream of my journey to be as an Actor, awards shows are the last thing that come to mind.  I say this after watching clips of winners from the 2017 SAG Awards give their acceptance speeches.  These artists are people that have worked tirelessly to better themselves in their craft of acting.  That is my biggest focus this year.  I want to better myself as an actor, singer, and overall artist.  I have set out a few goals this year to help me progress as an actor.  One of them is to attend the American Black Film Festival (ABFF.)  When I first heard about ABFF, I was working on the movie Street Wise, which is coming out on February 25, 2017.  One of my cast mates was telling me the importance of attending film festivals and how you can network at them with the appropriate tools with you.  Well I have done my research and figured out how I am going to attend ABFF in 2017.  I look forward to this experience because it will give me exposure to a plethora of talented artists in the film industry who are taking part in excellent filmmaking.  I have been registered with ABFF’s email list for a couple of years and they have now begun to send out monthly newsletters with useful tidbits about the film industry for blacks.  They even share some great pieces of work to check out.

I have never attended a film festival before, but I do plan to attend one that is happening in Richmond in February.  I am not exactly sure what my experience will be like in attending the festival, but I hope to see a couple of good films and network with some filmmakers.  Even if it is to just get to do crew work.  Crew work is a fun experience on its own.  Getting to help make the best version of the production is what the crew gets to do.

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