Step by Step

Part of this journey of acting as a profession is taking necessary steps to better you. At the end of last year, I gave myself one of the best Christmas/Kwanzaa gifts I have ever given me. I registered to take Group Acting Classes with Acting Coach Mark McKinnon at his studio.

In the beginning of 2017, I also had a meeting with the Artistic Director of The Heritage Ensemble Theatre Company. I have worked with this company before and auditioned with them for other shows. This meeting was focused on me picking her brain on what it looks like to be successful as an actor and she gave me some useful tidbits. She also gave me some resources as far as social media groups and sites to check into for more opportunities. The biggest piece of advice she gave me was to have an arsenal of monologues ready and available for whenever.

Based on the recommendation of sites she gave me, I saw a post for someone who is building a business in training actors. The greatest thing that caught my attention is that he helps actors work on monologues. Monologues have never been exciting me. I let them intimidate me more than I should as an actor. Well I have worked with him twice now and my confidence for monologues has increased. In this season of growth, I definitely plan to take advantage of as many resources as I can. God has shown me that being an Actor is my purpose, so I am working for it not only being a talent I possess, but a way of life for me, so that I can bless others with this gift.

Destiny Questions

How have all the little steps that you have taken gotten you to where you are now?

What are the next little steps you will take in your journey?

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